Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Black Mage

So technically this should work, but I haven't test-built this version. Here you go, a Black Mage sprite.

May 26, 2008 UPDATE: Apparently this does work fine, and it's only a little bit top-heavy when finished. Thanks to Cotton Eyed Joe for the build!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Coming Soon - Bune

Since I showed it on /po/, might as well show it on my blog. Don't expect it to be soon, but it is coming.

August 7th update: Still working on it, have gotten the tail and body ready to build. Not sure if I can get the face in a buildable form. If I can't, I'm abandoning this project. It's been time-consuming enough already. Also I contradicted myself in the title/body.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Fifth Work - Kana

Rejoice. It is done, and it is yours.

Download Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/104527319/Kana_by_GoblinGuy.rar.html

Credit to the Hatsune Miku Leek model creator, for this is a re-texture of that.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Coming Soon - Kana

Be patient. I would have released it today, but I made an error and left her sleeveless. I fixed it, and as soon as I rebuild it I will give you the templates.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Fourth Work - Jigglypuff

A recent thread on /po/ had me inspired to create my own custom work. I took Kirby's body, arms, and legs, and combined them with the Meowth Balloon's ears, repainted everything, and hand-drew the curl of hair it has on its head. The curl looks very crappy before it's built because I suck at free-drawing, but it actually turns out very nice when built. The finished picture you see was a test-build, and I decided that the hands were too big. So the one I'm providing for you will have smaller hands than the one in the picture does. This had me excited all through the night. An idea that went from concept to completion in as little as 6 hours. I like how it came out, and I hope you do, too.

My Third Work - Treasure Box

The treasure box commonly seen across FFXI. It's pretty easy, though not really easy on the eyes. Sometimes I wonder why I made it. You can make it yourself and wonder with me.

My Second Work - Baby Chocobo

Aww, how cute! A baby Chocobo! This little creature was very easy to build, and I did release it to the public for others to enjoy. Others like Pixel-Kakashi, who kindly made the one shown in the picture above. He did a very nice job on it, and maybe you can too. ;) Comes with bonus egg model.

My First Work - Goblin

There it is. People think it's one of the greatest things in the world, but it was a pain to build, for it had many red lines in Pepakura, and the hands were just hell to put together. I'm still considering releasing it someday, though I doubt one person would actually build it to the end.


I created this blog so I could let others know how my papercraft projects are going. You probably know me as "that guy that made the FFXI goblin" since I've never gone by a username.

After today's posts I'll update this periodically.